Saturday, November 28, 2009

Football marches on...

I'm going to blame football for my inability to post anything lately. Yes, football has still been ruling our lives. Perry's team once again moved on to post season play, culminating in a trip to the state championship game.

The championship game took place last night at the Edward Jones Dome (where the St. Louis Rams play). We have lots of football fans in our family, always up for watching a good high school game. This is Carson and my nephews Spencer and Cliff. The boys wanted to sit as close as possible and we literally got front row seats.

Others in our group decided not to sit so close to the action and found seats with a higher view of the field. This is my sister, her husband and her mother in law. Shawn is either not a waver or really into his nachos.
My brother, sister in law and dad sat behind us. We all raided Perry's closet for shirts. Good thing he had a lot of team t-shirts!
I have to admit, it was exciting being so close to the players in such a big stadium. These kids have worked so hard this season and this championship game was so deserved. Both teams had a 12-1 record for the season. Our team, however, was predicted to lose by 20 points. We played the other team in the championship game in '06 and lost 53-0 (B.R.U.T.A.L. game to watch).
This was an EXCITING game. I think Spencer was about to have a heart attack at many points! As soon as the other team (Blue Springs) scored, we would score right away on our next possession. The score was 7-7, then 14-14, then 21-21 until Blue Springs jumped to 24-21. Emotions were high as we waited for the predictable TD when we got the ball back. Not only did they score 1 TD, but they scored another one right away bringing the score to 35-24. The fight was on! So much for being 20 point underdogs!
The Hawk had a busy night cheering with the crowd.
There's my hubby! The team doctor (in the black suit), kept getting x-rays sent to him on his iPhone (he was on call). Is that not so cool?!? Fortunately, our team didn't have any serious injuries that required Perry and the doc to run out on the field.
And we finally reached the point where it was clear the game was ours. The kids were sooooo excited! It's the first time a team has won back to back state championships in Missouri (Perry's team won the championship last year as well).
It was a great end to the season. They have some great kids on the team and they so deserve this title.
But, I'll be happy to have my husband home on Saturdays now that football is FINALLY over. Oh wait, we're heading smack into basketball and wrestling season. Ugh.


Karen said...

Congrats to your husband his team!
(Love your post and photos- really great!)

Vivian M said...

Yay and congrats! And this is why I am happily married to a computer geek- he stays home!

Tammie said...

I love the play by play Gretchen! And how awesome that your family came out to cheer Perry & his team on in this game. My brother is in the same field as Perry so my SIL is waiting for some time with Seth also.

Congrats to Perry & his team!!