Sunday, January 31, 2010

A lesson in NOT being in control

As I was rushing out of my office on Thursday to get in a quick lunch with Carson, I managed a completely ungraceful a crowded hallway full of college students. Several students stopped to make sure I was OK. I picked up myself up, said "Of course, I'm fine," dusted myself off and walked (a little stiffly) to my car. Once in my car, I couldn't make it out of the parking lot before tears of pain starting running down my face. Great...stuck in my car with an ankle that probably shouldn't be driving. I decided to skip lunch with Carson (figured the tears and limping might embarrass him) and drove home. By then, I could barely walk and managed to shuffle myself inside and did what any responsible, grown adult would do...I called my mommy!!!

I don't do well with pain...or not being in control. I figured when the throbbing stopped, I'd drive right back to work and no one would be the wiser to my inglorious fall (except for the 50 or so students who witnessed it). Well, the throbbing didn't stop and finally Perry came home and took me to an urgent care. Verdict - one broken ankle.

My first question - can I drive with this thing on? Nope. So, I've been stuck at home hobbling around on crutches and relying on others to attend to my every wish and chore. It's been humbling being in a position where I have to rely on others. I'm just not used to that. And I don't like seeing my house becoming cluttered because no one else seems to "see" the clutter. And I don't like having to rely on fast food because I can't stand in the kitchen to cook something healthier. This just bites!

And, did I mention that Friday was my birthday? Yes, I spent my birthday (let's just say my 29th birthday) in pain, at home by myself, on crutches. Elise offered to make Chex Mix for me, until she realized you have to bake it to get the yummy flavor. Perry worked late so the kids had to fend for themselves for dinner (that was my gift to them...snacks for dinner!).
But, all belly aching aside, I do have some wonderful friends who have offered to help drive and fix meals. Our church service this morning (finally got OUT of the house!) was on service and serving others. After church, I came home and started making calls to find rides for the week to get to work, kids to school, etc. Making those calls was one of the most humbling and difficult things I've done. Don't get me wrong, no one turned me down and everyone was more than willing to help. But it was painful to have to ASK for help. And when friends have called me for help in the past, I've always been happy to help. That experience, combined with our church service, left me challenged to find new ways to help friends in need.
Now, I just need to accept that I'm not in control. I hope this ankle heals quickly and I can back to driving soon.
The other lesson I've learned is that one should shave more often in winter. You never know when strangers will be looking at one's horribly UNshaved, winter white legs (hypothetically speaking, of course).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Year in Review, Part 2

Finally, part 2 of my walk down memory lane from the past year.
~~ July 2009 ~~

Big trip for Carson. He attended a 2 week camp in the wilderness of Upstate New York. His 3 cousins all came down with H1N1, and we think he had it as well, which put a damper on the trip. It was hard having him so far from him but the trip was a lifechanging one for him.

The kids were glad to be back together, for a very short instant!
While Carson was in NY, Elise and I went to see Annie with her Brownie troop. She loved it!
~~ August 2009 ~~

Love this kid! I've already told him he can't start dating until he's 35.
Elise got to visit with her GIRL cousins! It was great having them visit.
First day of school, 2nd grade. It's been a fantastic year for Elise so far. Fantastic teacher, great progress, strong desire to do well academically.
First day of 5th grade for Carson. He's also having a much better year this year. We've made some changes to eliminate some of the drama with the child he had such problems with last year and that has helped tremendously. He has a great teacher and continues to do well academically.
~~ September 2009 ~~

Father and son. Carson's goal is to be as tall as his dad...and he's quickly catching up!

Carson's love for turtles continues and he often brings them home (and they are quickly "re-homed").
Elise loves her games!
And spends lots of time playing her beloved games.
~~ October 2009 ~~

Another visit from one of her GIRL cousins! Happy day!
Carson had a "Favorite team" day at school....think he likes the Bears?
~~ November 2009 ~~

We started our holiday baking right after Thanksgiving. Elise LOVES to help roll out the dough and make cut out cookies.
Carson even got in on the fun...although I think his motivation had to do with eating cookie dough.
And our football season FINALLY came to an end...WITH THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP! :)
~~ December 2009 ~~

Elise opening presents on Christmas Eve.

Elise playing with her cousin, Isaiah. He just adores her and loves to play with her. Well, he loves to play with all the big kids when he comes to visit.
I have to end this post with a picture of my kids getting I remember that they actuallyt DO get along from time to time. In fact, I think I captured EVERY time they got along in these past 2 posts! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Year in Review, Part 1

I'm shamelessly copying my friend Sandra's usual yearly review in pictures. Sorry I've been so absent lately. Life just gets busier and busier and I find myself competing for computer time (my pictures are on the main family computer...I need to move them to my laptop, although the kids keep using my laptop as well!)

~~ January 2009 ~~

Measuring snow. Elise loved, loved, loved the snow. Unfortunately, we don't get alot around here.

Right before Elise's first drama club performance. My shy girl loves being a part of the drama club at school.
Not the best picture of us, but what is striking is how much taller Carson has grown during the year. The top of his head now reaches my eyes (that's like a 5-6" growth!!!). Is it any wonder he is constantly outgrowing his pants?

~~ February 2009 ~~

Celebrating Chinese New Year.

Showing some love on Valentine's Day. It didn't last long. :)

Carson's Pinewood Derby from 2009.

~~ March 2009 ~~

Elise and her BFF "V" holding their Young Author books. They both wrote and illustrated a book about China.

Carson during another Cub Scout ceremony when he moved up to the Weebolos.

And we can't forget the 2nd broken wrist. Here's hoping we don't have a 3rd broken bone in 2010 (did I just jinx myself?!?).

And the saddest part of 2009 was losing my Grandmother. This is the last picture I have of her with my kids. Still greatly missed.

~~ April 2009 ~~

Elise's new hair do! She got to the point where she hated having her hair brushed so she decided to have it cut off. She's not had her hair cut since this picture and has decided to try to grow it out for locks of love this year. We'll see if the snarls get the best of that intention.

And soccer started again for the spring. Elise's skills are really improving.

Carson's skills are also really taking off in soccer. He discovered he really enjoyed playing goalie.

But really enjoys all aspects of soccer.

~~ May 2009 ~~
Hmmm...did someone have a birthday in May?!? Oh, yeah, Elise! She reminded us every day from January to May!

Perry got a new tool...or toy? Not sure if the fun factor outweighs the functional factor, but the boys have fun with their new toy.

OK, did my son just age instantly?!? All I see in this picture is the beginning of a teenager. And to be honest, I don't think I like it! I want my cute little boy back! Not that this one isn't cute, but he's bigger, smellier and crabbier!

~~ June 2009 ~~

Elise's bridging ceremony into Brownies. She has the best group of girlfriends in her Brownie troop and amazing leaders.
Again, mini teenager?!?

At some point in the hopefully near future, I'll post part 2 of the year in review!

Happy 2010!