Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is what happens when you give 10 year olds a video camera....

Carson and his friend have these new cars they enjoy racing but they wanted to take it to a new level and make a video. I let them borrow my Flip camera and this is the result.

Please note that I'd asked them NOT to run the car through high water as I didn't want to hear any belly-aching if it didn't work afterwards (even though they are billed as being waterproof and running them through creeks seems to be one of the big selling points).

Nice to know they listen, huh?

If you want to give the boys a thrill, please give the video a rating. They are getting a kick out of seeing how many times it's been viewed and how it's been rating (that 1-star rating didn't sit well!)

Here is the direct link (for rating purposes).

1 comment:

The Morris Family said...

Classic! Further evidence that boys, indeed will be boys! :)
The video is really pretty good-maybe you have a future Steven Spielberg on your hands...
(Who put the editing in the video- Carson or mom?! - hilarious!)