Sunday, October 18, 2009


First, I'm a lousy blogger these days. Lousy at putting up posts and lousy at commenting on the blogs I follow. I'm reading, just not commenting much.

We had company this weekend! Perry's folks, his sister and our niece came to visit. Elise only has a handful of girl cousins (and nothing but boy cousins on my side of the family) so she was pretty excited to have Jennifer to play with all weekend!

Believe it or not, this was a sunny day for us. We've had nothing but grey skies, rain and chilly weather lately. OK, it was downright chilly when we went pumpkin picking but not raining.

I love pumpkins. Love the warty ones.

Love the brightly colored ones.

Love the colorful (and warty!) ones.

Carson was determined to get a huge pumpkin. The rule was he had to lift it by himself into the cart (and I wasn't paying over $20!).
The kids spent lots of time searching for just the perfect pumpkin.

And a better mom would have dressed her child in a cuter outfit for pumpkin picking. (In all fairness, the kids both had soccer games earlier in the day and Elise's team is pink...hence the pink shirt and pink pants. The purple sweatshirt was an afterthought so she wouldn't freeze....she really needed a MUCH warmer outfit, though!)
And...a better mom would have taken a picture of the pumpkins that were picked out. Sigh...Perhaps that will be another post.


Super Mommy said...

Love this time of year! We haven't picked our pumpkins yet... this weekend though. Actually Jasmine's class has a field trip to a pumpkin farm on Friday...Jade can't go and would be highly disappointed if she didn't get to pick too!

We WILL be dressed in Halloween garb when we do it... you are a terrible, awful mother LOL!! The kids didn't look like they cared what they wore...they were having fun!!

The Morris Family said...

Looks like everyone had a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch- Good idea for the "You must be able to lift/carry your own pumpkin"- otherwise it appears one would need a forklift for some of those!
Have a great week!

PS what became of those volunteer pumpkins in your yard photographed way back?

Vivian M said...

I was not aware there was a dress code for picking pumpkins, the kids looked fine to me!
It's starting to get really cold here too.

Tammie said...

This is my favorite time of year. And it really comes home to smack me right in the face at pumpkin time. Our patches are awful.

If Carson & Elise had fun choosing pumpkins, & they sure look like they did, who cares what they're wearing? They won't remember what they wore, but they'll remember having fun on this day.