Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We've discovered a great new company that makes family games. The company is called Simply Fun and if you are ever invited to a party, I strongly encourage you to attend. (One of my good friends just signed up as an consultant so if you want anything, let me know and I'll hook you up.)

This game has become one of Elise's new favorites. Perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon with no friends able to come play.

This game is called Walk the Dogs and involves setting up and collecting various breeds of doggies.

And Elise takes the game very seriously.

After many rounds of Walk the Dogs, we moved onto Picky Sticks (or the porcupine game as Elise calls it).

Be warned, if you come to my house, my girlie might just rope you into a round of Walk the Dogs!


Super Mommy said...

Elise looks determined to win!! My girls would love the Walk the Dog game ... who is selling them??

The Morris Family said...

Elise looks like she is having some serious fun! ;)...hope she did not beat her competition too bad!

Vivian M said...

Kerri loves games, these look like fun!

Sandra said...

Looks like fun. Gotta go and check out that link now ;-)

Tammie said...

Elise looks like she's really concentrating hard & trying to figure out how to win. I'm going to go look at that link. Maybe there will be something for Erin!