Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's that time of year again...

And I don't have much time to think, let alone sit down at the computer for anything other than work related. Sigh...busy busy days but every mom I talk with this time of year is feeling the same way. Here's a quick recap of what's consuming our lives right now (other than the BIGGIE of school and homework).

It's SOCCER time again! My kids play both fall and spring soccer and love it. At this point, they've been on the same time with the same kids for several years now. Elise used to hang back and only kick the ball if it came towards her. She'd run towards the ball, but only following the other kids. This year, she looks like a different kid out there! She's going after the ball, staying in the pack, kicking the ball. Several moms have commented on it as well, so it's not just my momma pride seeing these changes. She did get kicked pretty hard last week and I had to carry her off the field in tears. I wasn't sure if that would ding her confidence, but she was right in there again this week. And, for the 3rd straight year, she's on the PINK team.

Carson is playing on a co-ed team this year. For some odd reason, his team is 5-7 grade boys and 8th grade girls. Guess they didn't have enough girls sign up to have enough teams. The girls are really good and they are serving as good mentors for the boys. Carson wasn't too sure he liked having girls on his team, but it's not so bad when they help Add Videothe team win. :)
Carson is also doing a swim team this year for the first time. He hates it, except when he's in the water swimming. Sheeshh, bitter complaining before and after practice. We're struggling with "forcing" him to do another sport versus letting him decide. Swim team will go on through the winter until early spring (when soccer will start up again). He's getting to the age that he needs to be involved with something all year. He gets too lazy without the routine and discipline of a sport. So, we'll see how this works out. But, needless to say, I wasn't sure I'd live to post any pictures I might have taken at his practices. :)
Perry's football team continues to do well. They are ranked #1 in Missouri right now with high hopes for another state championship. Exciting for the kids, but I'm already dreading the long post season.


Super Mommy said...

WTG Elise! So glad to hear she is getting into the game so much!! Jasmine is interested, but we haven't tried soccer yet.

Hope Carson can find something else of interest to keep him busy this year!! He's looking older suddenly to me ....

Tammie said...

Awesome news about Elise! It sounds like she's really growing into herself & coming out of her shell.

Carson is about to learn how competitve & good girls really are in sports. Maybe this mixed team will end up being a good thing for him.

Congrats to Perry & his team!

The Morris Family said...

Go Elise/team Pink! ;)
Looks like you all are staying super busy! Glad to hear Elise is having fun in soccer, and that Carson is enjoying coed soccer and swimming.
Good for Perry and his team- sorry for you- a "football widow" again!

Vivian M said...

Kerri loves soccer! I feel for you, lol.