Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Elise loves to play games.

She'll give you this cute and innocent look while asking if you want to play a game with her. Who could resist?

Yeah, don't let that cute look fool you...she plays to win! And she has mancala figured out so much better than I do that she easily beats me. Every.single.time.

Even when she "helps" me out by telling what to move, she still always beats me.

And thens he gloats in the win. Watch out for this one! :)


Sandra said...

Jazzie and Elise could be long lost sisters! They are so similar. Jazzie loves mancala as well and wins every.single.time :-)

Super Mommy said...

What game is that? It looks sophisticated!! We play games like Connect Four ;0)

Tammie said...

I have never once played mancala. I've heard of it but that's it. Erin loves to play games also but is a sore loser. I hate playing games with her because when she loses, it's horrible for an hour afterwatds.

Does Carson play with Elise or are you the only one?

RamblingMother said...

Awesome, Elise.