Monday, September 14, 2009


Dental Appointments

Those 2 words sum up a good chunk of last week. Carson could go weeks without brushing his teeth and have no cavities. Elise just needs to look at candy and she gets ones. Bummer.
Last week she had to have 2 cavaties filled and 2 new molars sealed (in the hopes of keeping them cavity free). She's now had so much dental work done, including root canal and crown on a baby tooth (who knew they did that?), she doesn't even flinch. In fact, after the last appointment, I made a comment about the shot and she was surprised to learn she had gotten a shot in the mouth. The dentist does a great job with good that he gave her 2 shots in her mouth last visit and she didn't even realize it. :)
And, sadly, as her adult teeth start coming in, it's pretty clear the dental work is going to continue in the form of braces. We'd better start saving our pennies.


Super Mommy said...

Maybe there was something in the Jiangxin water? Jade has had a terrible time with her teeth too. She basically had no enamel on her baby teeth - and yes she already needs braces ;0)

sandra said...

Same here. Jazzie has a lot of dental issues as well and we have also been told already to start saving for braces ;-)

The Morris Family said...

... Elise has a great smile- no matter the cavities etc- and very grown-up to so bravely endure the dentist chair! (Too funny about her brother- ours used to "forget" to brush frequently until very recently-)
There may very well be a Jiangxin link-formula, how the babies were fed- (ie "propped up" with a bottle)help promote some of the dental issues. Thankful that they can be corrected.

Tammie said...

I'm hearing about a lot of root canal work on baby teeth. My BIL who is a dentist says that the healthier the baby teeth, the better chance adult teeth have.

So far our only dental problem with Erin is getting her to agree to have xrays taken. Boy does she have a set of lungs!