Thursday, April 22, 2010


A post!!! No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. In case you hadn't heard, the State of Illinois is basically broke and not paying any bills. And, being a State of Illinois employee whose paycheck is in jeopardy month to month, things have been painfully stressful and just a tad hectic lately. After the stress at work, sometimes the last thing I want to do at home is sit in front of another computer.
But the guilt trip from multiple sources worked and here are a few pictures.

In the "grass is always greener" category, my little girl with beautiful straight silky hair ALWAYS wants me to find a way to curl her hair. So, one night after her bath, we sat down to a braiding session and did 14 braids. She slept in them and ta-da....
"Curly" hair for a day. She was THRILLED.

And Carson? He's literally a few inches taller than my last post. Growing like a weed has taken on a new meaning. I just can't keep up with this kid. He had his first band concert this week. He cleans up rather nicely, doesn't he?
My folks came over to the concert. I think my mom is in denial that Carson is taller than she is now. She's still claiming to have 1/2 inch on him. (I think she's standing on her tippy toes.)
So, maybe it won't be another 3 months until I post again.


Karen said...

Nice to see your post/update- love Elise's "curls" and goodness, your son is growing like a weed!
Hoping things settle for you a bit.

Tammie said...

Glad to see you here again!

I had no idea that Illinois was doing so poorly. I've been so focused on CA since my stepmother is a teacher there, that I guess I wasn't hearing anything about any other place. I hope the stress eases soon!

The kids look wonderful!