Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cucumbers anyone?!?

I received a call from Perry while I was heading out to the grocery store. He told me that if I had cucumbers on my shopping list, I probably didn't need to buy any.

This is what I found on my counter when I returned. YUMMO! Not sure when they got this big and yummy (maybe it's been too long since I checked on the garden!). Carson's idea for the cucumbers - sell them on the internet. Sigh.

Truth be told, the cucumbers are taking over this bed. I planted twice as many as I usually do since we love cucumbers so much. I tried them in the boxes Perry made last year for the tomatoes, but they've gone EVERYWHERE.

And there are a lot of junior cucumbers just waiting to ripen!

And since I'm actually posting an entry and playing with my new camera still, here's a picture of the asparagus bed we put in this year. Not too exciting this year. We can do a small harvest next year, then a full harvest the following year. CAN NOT wait for that year. (We REALLY love asparagus.)

Any Perry put in a new bed this year which houses the tomatoes and peppers. Lots of flowers and teeny-tiny tomatoes but nothing harvested yet. Nothing better than a simple tomato and cucumber salad.
If you have any cucumber recipes, please share!


Sandra said...

I LOVE cucumbers!!! I like mine best sliced thin, with onions, vinegar and sugar.

I also like the on toast with cream cheese.

Of course, eating plain slices is the best on a hot day!

Tammie said...

If you ever want to spare some cucumbers, let me know. We love them here!!

David makes cucumber salad with cukes, red onions, vinegar & splenda. He also makes a Thai cucumber salad. Even Star (our dog) likes them with a touch of salt!

I admit that I miss our veggie garden. David didn't plant anything this year due to his health issues.

Karen said...

Yum! What a beautiful garden!
I love them the same way Sandra mentioned- sliced thin, with onions, vinegar and sugar.
Also, we make a crunchy summer salad with diced/chopped broccoli, green onion, caulifower, and cukes tossed with a ranch dressing- chill for several hours.