Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bad things happen in threes?!?

I'm not normally a superstitious person. In fact, I'm going to try and schedule my knee surgery on Friday the 13th as that happens to be the most convenient date for me. But, I'm beginning to believe the ol' bad things happen in three wives tale.

"Thing #1"

Carson's arm cast. He goes back to the doctor on Monday and, hopefully, the cast will come off and his life will get back to normal.

"Thing #2"

My knee...'nuf said.

"Thing #3"
This is Egor (yes, in the human world it would be spelled Igor, but in Carson's turtle world, it's Egor). We noticed his bottom shell (yes, there is a more scientific name for that shell but I'm in pain and my brain is a bit, how many would know what the heck I was talking about if I used the official scientific name for the bottom shell of a turtle...I think ya'all will agree that it's just fine to say "bottom shell") began "flaking" off. We took him to a vet that specialized in reptiles and discovered he has massive shell rot. The words MASSIVE and ROT are not 2 words you want to hear about your pet.

Egor had a 2 day stay at the vet while they removed the infected shell and bone. We really have to keep an eye on him as he's not out of the woods yet. The doctor said it was the worst shell rot he'd seen. Poor Egor. We're making some changes to his habitat and praying he makes it through this. He's still eating, which is a great sign, and showing us his personality. Carson would be heartbroken to lose 2 beloved pets within a year of each other. The turtles (he has 2 Russian tortoises) are his pride and joy. They should live for 80 years.

And you know I get the eeby-jeebies about shots, you'll understand how I feel about the prospect of actually seeing the damage under that bandage. Thankfully, nothing gives Perry the eeby-jeebies and he's assured me he'll change the bandages.

Fun times at our house lately! :)


The Morris Family said...

...poor Egor! Wow! How incredibly fortunate you are to have a vet who could properly diagnose his condition. Hope he makes a complete recovery!
Glad to know your surgery date- will keep you in our prayers...

sandra said...

Oh man, a little too much excitement at your house! From one bad knee girl to another: good luck!

Vivian M said...

Poor Egor! How does a turtle get shell rot? Just curious, never heard of it.

Hope Carson gets his cast off soon!

And Friday 13th is a LUCKY Day, you'll see, everything will be OK. Especially now that you've got the three things out of the way!

RamblingMother said...

How big will the tortoises get? Hope it heals fine. Didn't know they could get shell rot or had personalities. Interesting.

Tammie said...

Poor Egor! I have to imagine that he's hurting.

Hope that you get good news about Carson's cast coming off.