Friday, March 13, 2009


A few quick updates:

  • The loved one that I mentioned in my previous post is not YOU! (Perry was a little concerned about that and asked what he did!) The person involved is a smaller version of myself who doesn't regularly read my blog.

  • Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear some discipline strategies that you've used for older kiddos (in the 10 year old range).

  • No surgery today. The MRI did not show that anything had torn so the doc wants me to do PT and consider a cortisone shot first (shudder). That was good news, but frustrating as my knee continues to act up. Some days are better so I'm taking that as a good sign that some healing is happening.

  • If you read the news about the pastor being shot during Sunday morning service, that happened in the next town over from us. In fact, the church we attend hosted the prayer vigil the night it happened. The two churches are very similar and not too far apart in distance. It's shaken me to think that this type of violence has now encroached on what should be a sanctuary for worship and renewal.

  • Warning...I'm going in a vent a bit....they are already going down the mental illness defense route with the shooter. Please know that I think mental illiness is a very serious matter and my gripe is not about his mental illiness or how that will play in a defense. The shooter was featured in a recent newspaper series about how Lyme Disease had caused his mental illness. So, it was a well known fact that this man had some mental issues (whether or not you buy the Lyme Disease twist or not). But, will someone tell me WHY WHERE THERE GUNS IN THE HOUSE (multiple guns were removed from the house, not counting the weapons he used in the attack)?!? If you know someone has a mental illness, behaves oddly, is known for outburts, WHY PUT ANYONE AT DANGER?!? I'm really struggling with this.

  • But, I'm so impressed with how the church family is dealing with this tragedy. With all the local media coverage, they've been able to spread a very positive message about this tragedy. They are reaching out to the shooter and his family and encouraging people to not cast judgement but to pray (clearly, I'm struggling with that lesson!)

  • Please keep the family of Pastor Winters in your prayers. He leaves behind 2 young daughters and a wife. The road ahead will not be an easy one, although they have the knowledge they will see be united again some day. Also pray for the church family. I cannot imagine going back into the sanctuary where this happened.


Super Mommy said...

Yay about the surgery. I actually had cort. shots in my foot for pain before - it really works.

I gasped when I heard the news of the preacher. So sad and such a tradgedy. His family is in my prayers..

The Morris Family said...

Good news on the knee! Anytime they do not have to go in there and relief can be found by other means is a good thing. Hope that the therapy and cortisone help you out!

RamblingMother said...

God will def use that shooting via the Romans 8:28-29 method won't He now? Very difficult to know why anyone with mental illness can get guns.

Yea! about your surgery. Hope the shots work.

Vivian M said...

Yay to no surgery! Hope the knee continues to heal.
And I heard about the shooting, how tragic. I said my prayers.

Tammie said...

To be honest, as scared as you are of the cortisone shots, they really do work. David has actually had them in his toes. I have had them in my knee & wrist. Turn your head away. The relief is amazing.

My heart goes out to the members of the church & the pastor's family. Surely this is a trying time.