Friday, March 6, 2009


Yup, just what you wanted...more on the turtles. I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce both turtles. Egor is the bandaged guy and Luka is the other one. Carson has had these turtles for 2 years. He saved his money all year during 2nd grade to buy them and the supplies needed for their habitat. When he bought Egor, the shop owner (having seen Carson in often while he was saving his money) gave him Luka for free (he has an unattractive shell that makes him less desirable).

The turtles are quite an attraction in Carson's room. They have a fairly large habitat. If Carson's room was less messy, you'd see a picture of their habitat. But, you don't. And, thankfully, you can't smell his room through the computer either. The turtles join a newt, 4 frogs and a goldfish.

They live to be about 80 years old so it is quite a commitment. They estimate our guys are 5-10 years old. Fortunately, Perry loves odd pets (he's had pet squirrels, bunnies and other critters).

I'll admit to having mixed feelings about having wild animals as pets. I fully suspect these guys were plunked from the wild and I'd much prefer they still live in the wild. Domesticated dogs are one thing, but keeping animals who should be in the wild as pets is something I'm not entirely comfortable with on principle. But, if we didn't buy these guys, someone else would have and I know many of these turtles go to homes where the owners do not make the needed accommodations. So, we try to be as responsible as possible with these critters.

Update on Egor's condition - he's doing really well. For the trauma he's been through (I can't even look at his unbandaged shell), he's really active and eating heartily!

Perry found the two turtles touching hands shortly after Egor came home from the animal hospital. Guess Luka missed Egor while he was in the pet hospital. Too cute!


Tammie said...

Glad to hear that Egor is doing well. I think it's neat that Luka missed his buddy.

Vivian M said...

I read somewhere that turtles are pretty smart creatures. How amazing that they reached out to each other as soon as Egor got back. Hope he gets well soon!

The Morris Family said...

Glad that Egor is doing better- (and we think Luka has quite a handsome shell!) Maggie LOVES turtles...always has- "turtle" was one of the first words she was able to say!