Thursday, April 9, 2009

American Girl Place

The highlight of our trip for Elise was The American Girl Place. Since getting her first American Girl doll at Christmas, she's been looking forward to going to the store.

She was adorable in the store! She took Ivy with her and carried her through the store with her. She just kept finding new areas that she hadn't explored yet.

She was hoping to buy some accessories for Ivy, but she kept being drawn to the display of Just Like Me dolls and examined them very closely to find one that most matched herself. When we first floated the idea of a doll for Christmas, she wasn't very interested in the Just Like Me dolls so I was surprised at her obsession.

We really didn't intend to buy another doll and talked about putting the Just Like Me doll on her birthday wish list. But, Carson realized she was just $20 short of the cost of the new doll and offered to give her some of his money so she could get the doll.

She was over the moon to be able to walk out with a new doll! And I was so proud of Carson for helping her purchase the doll.

After the trip downtown, we returned to Omi and Opi's house to show off the new addition to the family. She was quite the proud mama!

And has already started MAJOR hints to her Omi that some twin outfits would be a great birthday present. (Have I mentioned my mother-in-law is an amazing seamstress?!?)

It was a great purchase. She liked Ivy but she's in love with her new doll whom she's named Elise. Perry checked on her last night and she had falled asleep with "Elise" cuddled in her arms.

She will remember this trip for years!


Vivian M said...

Awww Carson is the bestest big brother ever!!!!
Congrats Elise on your new doll!

Sandra said...

My girls would LOVE that place! It looks like Elise had a great time.

Super Mommy said...

How exciting for Elise! Carson is a wonderful brother - what a great thing to do - look at that smile on his sister's face!!

Did you buy Elise 2 some glasses? I bought some for Jade's doll - Jess - she loves them!

The Morris Family said...

What a great big brother Carson is to help out his little sister that way! Elise looks so happy- for sure- this trip will be something you all remember!

Tammie said...

Oh my. Carson gets the Big Brother star from us! What a
wonderfully sweet thing he did!

I wish Erin was more of a doll kid. She has a Gali Girl doll named Reyna & the Karito Kids doll named Wan Ling. She'd still rather play with her baby doll though. When our AG catalog comes, she looks through it & only wants the accessories.