Friday, April 10, 2009

The day in the 'burbs

The last day of our Spring Break - Chicago trip was spent in the suburbs with my sister-in-law and my 2 adorable nephews.

We played with a very smiley and happy Peter (who wasn't so happy earlier in the visit as he wasn't sleeping too well.)

We then boarded the Metra trains and headed in a few stops to a train restaurant. This is Isaiah and he was THRILLED to be on the train. You can't see it in this picture but he is wearing a Thomas the Train shirt. He actually wanted to wear 2 Thomas shirts but his mom opted to just go with one at a time. :)

The restaurant was a hit with Isaiah. The tables are all around a train track and your order actually comes out on the train and it stops at your table. Lots of train memorabilia! This is my adorable sister-in-law with her 2 kids. Remember that my brother is 10 years younger and his wife is even younger (gasp...she's still in her 20's!)

We were also so fortunate to meet up with Becki and Addie! Elise and Addie are from the same orphanage and Becki and I discovered we attended the same college. It's been fun getting to know her online and it was great to actually meet her and Addie in person. It was also interesting to see the similarities between the girls.

Becki and I drove over to our alma matter for a chilly walk on campus. We had to take the classic picture by the main sign on the front lawn. It provided the kids a chance to run off some energy!

Carson was determined to climb to the top of the sign and finally made it. I told him that if he made it to the top, he'd have to attend Wheaton, regardless of what his father says. (Dad attended a rival college.)

After saying goodbye to Becki and Addie, the kids and I hit the Popcorn Store. It's a penny-candy store located literally in the space between 2 store fronts. Carson got a kick out of the address - 1114 1/4. 1/4?!? The kids stocked up for the train ride back to Aunt Merry's house. I was impressed with Elise's math skills. I told them they could each spend a dollar. Her bag came in right at a dollar; Carson's came in at $1.35. Sigh....better re-hire that math tutor!
It was a great trip but we're all glad to be home.


PIPO said...

It does sound like you had a wonderful and very busy trip. Beautiful kiddos - all of them!

Glad you are back en casa safe and sound :0)

The Morris Family said...

What fun- trains and more trains- and a candy store to boot- sounds like a great day! Love the picture of the two girls!

Tammie said...

I'm with Isaiah. Actually, we all love trains here. Erin won't let us give her Thomas the Train stuff away even though she has a big girl train set. We each have our own trains. If I ever get to visit more of Chicago than O'Hare, I'd love to visit that restaurant.

Spring Break sounds like a success. Tons of fun & constantly on the move. Carson & Elise are going to need plenty of rest before school starts on Monday.

Vivian M said...

What fun- glad your trip was lovely!

RamblingMother said...

what a fun time!!