Thursday, April 2, 2009


  • Decided to get a 2nd opinion on my knee and picked up my medical records from Doc #1 today. In his written reports, he describes me as "well-nourished." Do you think that's fancy doc talk for "FAT!"?

  • Speaking of FAT, that's what I getting since I can barely walk these days. Grrrr... I love this weather and want to be outside walking (and getting back to running one of these days!). It's so frustrating to see the pounds creep up but not be able to do any exercise to prevent that weight creep.

  • You don't think I'm too sensitive about my weight, do you?!?

  • "New Doc" is actually Perry's team doc, who he wanted me to see in the first place, but convenience trumped reputation. After x-rays, an MRI, a cortisone shot (that did nothing), PT and drugs with Doc #1 with no results, New Doc really impressed me right from the start. Now, in truth, Doc #1 could have narrowed down the options for New Doc, but the attention he gave to the x-rays and mri plus the tests he did on my leg lead me to believe he would have come to the same conclusion early on. So, we finally have a diagnosis (sprained MCL) and a plan that I can life with that does not include surgery. Doc #1 keeps telling me PT, drugs and let's do exploratory surgery.

  • It's a good thing I finally got into New Doc today. My homemade cocktail of Rx drugs was no longer taking the edge off the pain. New Doc has me on some new drugs. EXCEPT he told me not to take them before any big meetings just to make sure they don't make me loopy. Guess what I have tomorrow...a BIG OL' MEETING with my Dean. Too bad so sad, the idea of numbing this pain far outweighs the possiblity of being loopy AND I'M TAKING THE DRUGS! Besides, I'm not sure if anyone would really notice. I can be pretty loopy without the aid of drugs. :)

  • I have a really low threshold for pain. And I get a tad bit crabby when I'm in pain. My family would pretty beg to differ on the "tad bit" part and would probably put "extremely" instead.

  • It was a virtual love fest with New Doc telling me how great my hubs is and how much he enjoys working with him. that set the appt off to a great start. :)

  • Wow...I've had to correct A LOT of mistakes in this post. Perhaps the drugs are already making me a bit loopy? And, WOW, am I tired all of a sudden....


The Morris Family said...

You are funny-(loopy or not!)- so sorry that the knee is giving you such troubles, and hope you can get some lasting relief soon. Have a great weekend.

PIPO said...

Hope your able to get off the 'loopys' soon because you're doing better.

Nope. 'Well-nourished' does not mean's a good thing. Moderately obese? Now that would be the lingo for fat.

Vivian M said...

Hope new doc is way better than old doc and you are back on your feet and running around in no time!

Tammie said...

Always go for reputation before going for convenience! Especially when you have the contacts.

I really am happy to hear that New Doc has a different outlook. Avoiding surgery is always a plus.