Saturday, August 1, 2009

Elise and her dollies

I've been so bad about blogging this summer. This post is the most obvious proof.

Elise got this beautiful dress for her birthday (waaaay back in May). Her grandma made it for her.

While the dress in and of itself would have been a wonderful gift, it was extra special because Grandma made her 2 dolls matching dresses. (The only thing that could have topped tihs gift in Elise's mind was if ~I~ had received a matching dress but my mom knows I don't wear dresses so she didn't waste her time and energy!)

Here's my beautiful girl modeling her special dress.

I love it when she giggles and throws her head back in laughter.

Thanks, Grandma, for making such beautiful outfits for these beautiful girls!
Teehee...I'm not going to tell Grandma I ~finally~ posted these because I want her to be totally surprised! :)


The Morris Family said...

...Such lovely photos of Elise in her very pretty birthday dress! What a really really special grandma to have made this and for her dollies too! Adorable!
(really love the photo of her laughing) Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Super Mommy said...

Lovely! Grandma is talented - I love the matching dresses.

Vivian M said...

Love the matching dresses, they are absolutely beautiful!