Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of school

School started yesterday! Phew...I felt like I ran a half marathon just getting my kids to school the first day!
Carson is going into 5th grade and, in our district, this is his last year in elementary school. He's now in the oldest grade in his school building (3-5 grades). On the first day of school, I gave the kids the option of driving them or letting them take the bus. Elise decided to take the bus while Carson wanted me to drive him. Then he asked if I'd take him to the donut place before school. No problem. Then he asked if he could bring a friend. No problem. Then he asked if he could bring another friend. Yikes! So, after getting Elise on the bus and gathering up his friends, we headed to the donut place for a pre-school treat. I wanted to take pictures but was told in no uncertain terms that NO PICTURES WERE ALLOWED. The above picture is all I get this year.

Elise is now in 2nd grade! Her school is K-2 but she did pre-K in the same building, so this is her 4th year in the same building and she's feeling pretty comfy. I love her school and it makes me a little sad that she moves up the to the bigger kid (Carson's) school next year.

She got a little nervous the morning of school and decided she wanted me there...but she also wanted to ride the bus and did not want to go for donuts with the boys. So, I had to sprint around town and get back to her school in time for their morning opening. Her school was not built for the current enrollment and the parking S.T.I.N.K.S. So, I ended up parking about a mile away and hiking her supplies in. Phew, I was exhausted by the time school started for the day! You can tell she's pulled into her shell in the above picture.
Yeah, a little smile! She's starting to get into her groove. She's waving to a few friends and keeping a close eye on me.

And off she goes to her 2nd grade classroom. Every year, she's clung to me and gotten teary when it came to time to say good bye to the parents. Not this year, she just picked up her bag of supplies, lined up and headed out to her classroom. She's so excited about her teacher this year even though none of her BFF's are in the same class.
I do admit to getting a bit teary eyed when I realized this was my last "first" day of school at this school.
Here's hoping for a good school year for all the kids and teachers!


Tammie said...

Oh my gosh. I can't stop crying. First I'm in tears over by Sandra reading about Jazzie & Tahlia. Now I'm in tears reading about Carson & Elise. There ought to be a flood here by the time Erin starts school next Monday!

They both look wonderful on their first day. Carson has changed so much since we first started our wait. He sure isn't the same little boy who waited for his little sister to come home.

And Elise? Wow! That girl was styling! I love her outfit. Isn't it great when they own the school?

Super Mommy said...

I wouldn't of thought Elise would want to ride the bus and Carson drive with you! Your story about the adventure with him this morning sounded like an "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" story!

Sniff, sniff - the kiddos are growing up right before our eyes. But that's what they are suppose to do, I guess . . . I hope they had a great day and you got some rest!!

RamblingMother said...

What a fashionista with her scarf! Love it.

Sandra said...

Another milestone! Glad to hear that things went so well.

Love Elise's scarf ;-)

The Morris Family said...

Great post/pics- You captured the myriad of emotions that come with the "first day" in your photos! My, Carson looks so grown up- pretty special that he wanted to share the beginning of his first day back with his friends with mom that way!
That pic of Elise walking off confidently to class says it all...
Love her "first day" wardrobe selections, btw.