Thursday, August 6, 2009

The lucky find...

The other day, while sitting on my front porch and watching hummingbirds fight over the feeder, I decided we really needed to get a 2nd hummingbird feeder. We'll often have 20 hummers fighting for one of 8 holes on our current feeder.

Also while sitting on the porch, with 2 chairs propped together so I could lazily read a book, I commented to Perry that a wicker loveseat would be the perfect addition.

Imagne my delight when I found this loveseat right by the hummingbird feeders at our local wallyworld?!? And better yet, it was marked down 50% AND they were willing to give me an additional 10% because they only had the floor model remaining. How lucky could I be...finding exactly what I wanted when I wanted it at a price I was willing to pay?!?

And better yet, it was a set that included these 2 chairs and the table between them (hiding behind the overgrown bush). Again, for a price I was willing to pay (read: cheap! Perry and I had just had our monthly "frugal" talk.)

The front porch has been pretty blah and I think this set really adds some color and some great reading places.

And we now have much comfier hummingbird watching chairs.

Or horse-cornfield-deer watching chairs...whatever your pleasure.


Vivian M said...

Love it! And what a great view. All you need now is some sweet tea and a good book!

Sandra said...

Looks great! Can I come over and have a glass of iced tea with you?