Saturday, May 31, 2008

One lost doggie

Our attempts at finding Trixie's family aren't going so well. We've left a description of her with all the vets in town, all the shelters, animal control. We keep checking the lost board at our local pet stores and newspapers. We've posted an ad on No luck. :(

Someone has to be missing this beautiful and sweet natured dog.

Mollie wasn't too happy about Trixie's appearance last weekend, but they've become quick buddies. While it looks like they are in fightin' mode, they are really just playing. All of our dogs have always played this way and they end up covered in each other's slobber in the end (gross!)

And lest you think Trixie has an upper hand because of her size, Mollie's does her share of instigating and keeps running back to her own little hideouts. Mollie would torment Sneakers in her desire to play when we first brought Mollie home.

Trixie is quickly becoming a member of our family. I don't know how long to hold out hope that her orginial family might show up and claim her. If we don't hear anything by next weekend (she'd have been running loose for 3 weeks at that point), we'll get her to the vet to start the official process of making her ours (registered in our county, microchip, vacinations, etc.)

Lots of people have speculated on what might have happened. We live in a college town and some folks wonder if she was dumped by college students. I truly believe she was a family dog, not a college kid dog. She's too good with kids to not have had some exposure to them. Others have heard stories of people in foreclosure having to dump family dogs. That might make more sense. Our subdivision is off the beaten path, nice houses, lots of dogs, big yards. Maybe someone thought a family in our subdivision would be more likely to take her in.

We're all quickly falling in love with this dog. I would never deny her the opportunity to go back with a family who is missing her, but as time goes on, I would also love to her stay with our family.

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Tammie said...

I don't know Gretchen. It looks like Trixie is already party of a great family. Who knows? Maybe Sneakers sent her your way.