Saturday, May 17, 2008


Who needs big expensive toys when you have a box and Dad's lawnmower?!?

Carson managed to fold himself completely to fit inside of this box (he's inside the box, you just can't see him.)

And it also becomes a fairly comfy tv-watching "chair."

Elise caught a ride on the lawnmower with Dad. At the end of mowing, he lets her steer all around the yard. Yes, only Elise can get away with mowing the yard while wearing a dress.

I took the ones of Elise with my 300mm lens (from way up on the deck), my 28-80mm doesn't seem to be focusing properly :( Anyone have any ideas?!?


Tammie said...

I totally agree about the toys. Now my problem is that Erin doesn't want to let go of her old ones. She still prefers the simple things.

I can't believe you shot the pics from so far away. They came out great.

PIPO said...

I've mowed in a sundress before...a bit dangerous on a breezy day so I won't be trying that again.

Ah yes...I remember when I could fit in the box. I would gather up some buddies and we would take turns rolling down a big hill in it.