Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thank you

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and kind words. Losing Sneakers really hit us hard. I can now look at her picture without crying. We knew her days were becoming more numbered, but I never expected it to happen so quickly and I wasn't prepared for how hard it would hit us all, especially the kids. I am grateful that Carson and I ended up coming home early that day so she wasn't alone at the end. We buried her in a corner in the backyard and had a little funeral for her, which seemed to help the kids. She really was the perfect dog, always gentle, always excited to see folks, very social and loving. She will be missed daily. Poor Molly (our other dog) is all out of sorts not knowing what to do without Sneakers.

Carson has always wanted to be a vet and I wasn't sure if the experience might sway him in a new direction. He was very interested in the process and watched the vet carefully. I asked him today about his feelings about becoming a vet and he's still pretty determined. I was so glad the experience hadn't dulled that interest.

In other family news...Carson has poison ivy. He went mushroom hunting (I know, we sound like total hicks but it's really big down here and he'd never gone before!) with a friend and apparently encountered some poison ivy. It's all over his face, which looks just horrible.

He also did what all boys will do in the woods...pee.

Yeah, he's got the poison ivy there as well.

Bummer for him.


Tammie said...

We lost our sweet cat Kira on Dec 22nd. It was so hard on David & myself, but watching Erin go through it almost killed us. She still talks about Kira occasionally but smiles now & says they're happy thoughts. I have a feeling that Carson will be a good vet when it's his turn. He seems to have a sense about animals.

Sorry to hear about Carson's poison ivy experience! Ick!

PIPO said...

Poor Carson...he'll probably think twice the next time he has to pee in the woods! Ouch.

Rest peacefully, Sneakers. :0(

Beverly said...

UGH!! on the poison ivy. Painful!!

Super Mommy said...

Poision ivy in your pants has got to be uncomfortable! Poor kid - hope it clears up quickly.