Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There once was a time...

...when I really enjoyed travelling for work.

I've decided those days are long over.

I had a meeting in Chicago today. The drive up and back took longer than the meeting itself (which, frankly, was a waste of time.)

But, here's the biggest highlight of the trip:

I got to see my #1 year old nephew. I was a bit curious about the empty baby pool in their living room, but it serves as his "lounge" for when he watches Veggie Tales. Is he not the cutest kid?!?

Here are a few other highlights:

  • I drove by my first post-college apartment and favorite Dairy Queen (back in the days when I could visit DQ without ever thinking about the calories or having any regrets!)

  • The meeting was held very near the college I attended so it was fun being back in my old stompin' ground.

  • I drove by our favorite college liquor store (we had to sign a pledge in college saying we wouldn't drink, so I have to be discrete about admitting to this!)

  • I visited my first ever IKEA! After getting headed in the right direction to head home, I got off the highway to grab a bite to eat and discovered a huge IKEA store. Figured I'd just run in and experience it firsthand. HOLY.COW! Loved it! I'll be keeping that store in mind next time we re-do a room!

  • Discovered that it SUCKS to have a driver's side window that won't go do down when having to stop at a million toll booths in the Chicago area (with Chicago drivers being oh-so-patient behind you).

  • I was glad to hear that Elise's big worry about me being gone was who would do her hair! :)

  • It was wonderful sleeping somewhere knowing that I could sleep through the night without a kid waking me up.

  • It was fun spending some time with my sister-in-law without our husbands around. She's such a great and energetic mom.

  • I was french kissed by my brother's dog (not willingly, I'll add!)

  • It was shocker to realize the last time I'd changed cloth diapers was on the above mentioned brother.

  • I rented a book on tape so I actually feel like I accomplished "reading" a book during the incredible drive across Illinois.

  • I saw more dead deer than I've seen in a few years.

Now that I'm home, I'll get to cleaning up the mess this crew made of the house while Mom was gone. Sighhhh....

And...on the Trixie front (dog) one has claimed her yet. It's looking more and more like she might become a permanent member of our family. Elise has lengthened her name to Trixie-Pixie. My brother thinks the whole Trixie name sounds like a porn star even after I reminded him that 9 year old boys without knowledge of porn stars came up with the name (I think he clearly has unresolved issues).


PIPO said...

The meeting may have been a bite in the arse but it sounds like there were some pretty good parts to the trip...nephew, IKEA, walk down memory lane :0)

Tammie said...

Ugh! I hate meetings! Especially the useless ones. Wait. Aren't most of them useless?

Of course that #1 nephew of yours is cute enough to make the whole horrible meeting slip quietly into the background. He is so darn cute! And those eyes of his! Wow!

I took David & Erin to IKEA last weekend. After we left, I called my girlfriend up & told her I would never make that mistake again. The man bitched & moaned the entire time we were there. I had even warned him that it wasn't his kind of place.