Saturday, May 2, 2009

I have a confession....

I'm green with envy over my Dad's new camera. Sigh....

The kids had games this morning at the exact same time on two adjoining fields (yeah for us...we were able to sit in the middle and watch both games!) My folks joined us and my Dad brought along his new camera. I love his new camera. It's much like mine, except his doesn't have interchangeable lenses. As much I love being able to put on different lenses, it's bulky and the zoom can get pretty unstable.

I love the zoom on this camera. Do you think Carson is paying more attention to the girls on the sideline or the goal he is guarding?

Elise is really improving in her skills this year. She gets into the game and stays with the pack of girls trying to kick the ball.

I think the girls on the other team were a little jealous that Elise's team got the pink shirts (or maybe it's because her team sponsor is the favorite ice cream joint in town). Check out the stink eye on the girl behind her!

Carson on the sideline watching the game. At least he's not screwing around on the sideline!
Hmmm....Dad is pretty engaged in the game, think he'd notice if I walked away with his new camera?!?

Maybe if Carson sees how his hair looks when he's running, he'll consider a haircut? Probably not but it's worth trying!

Wrong way, Carson!


Elise on the sidelines (taken from quite some distance away...I LOVE this camera!)

Elise and her 3rd BFF. Not her 1st, that'd be Vivian. Can't remember who she said was her 2nd BFF but Abby (above) is her 3rd BFF. Elise and Abby are about the same size (much smaller than most of their classmates) and were both convinced they'd be the only 1st graders to not lose any teeth. Elise's first tooth fell out some time back and Abby's first tooth just fell out a few weeks ago. Phew!

Besides his fashion sense (yes, he's wearing a red Cards shirt with blue plaid shorts), Elise's coach is great this year! Although I think Elise was trying to convince him she was still tired and needed to stay on the sidelines a little longer.
And, darn it, my dad remembered to take that lovely new camera home with him. I was really, really hoping he'd forget it and I'd get to play with it a little longer.


Tammie said...

Okay Gretchen. I'm with you. Your dad's camera takes wonderful pictures!

The Morris Family said...

Great shots of what looks like a pretty nice day there- at least the rain held off for a bit- love that shot of Elise with the soccer ball!
Funny thing about cameras...they are all great nowadays- but seems like as soon as you settle on one, and take the $$ plunge to purchase it, there's a new one with improved something(s)or other to entice. I love mine, but admittedly, still don't know how to use all the functions on it, and use the "auto" function more often than not...

Super Mommy said...

I agree - your dad's camera takes fabulous pictures! You also captured some great shots! Love that one of Elise from afar on her soccer ball!

Vivian M said...

Is it me, or has Carson grown a few inches taller? He looks so grown up!
And I love Elise's hair cut!
Will try catching up when I can...but I agree. Dad's camera rocks!