Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Those Crazy Critters

The 1st grade classes at Elise's school put on an adorable musical tonight.

Apparently it was put together within just the past few weeks (I only learned about it last week and I'm the type to have things on my calendar MONTHS in advance.)

Here is Elise with her BFF. Now that Elise got her hair cut, folks can tell them apart (I didn't think they looked all that much alike before but I guess the whole Chinese thing threw people off.)

Carson had a soccer game right before the school show. He was hot, sweaty, still wearing his soccer gear, hungry and not so thrilled to be sitting through a 1st grade performance. You can't tell that from his face, though, can you?

I was going to crop this picture, but check out the kid in the GAP shirt...too cute!!! :)

For putting the show together in just a few weeks, the teachers did a terrific job. The songs were fun and the kids did a great job.


Super Mommy said...

Looks cute! Glad you didn't crop out the kid in the GAP - the picture is hilarious!

The Morris Family said...

All the "critters" look like they had a good time...(er, except maybe one older one)- the boy in the Gap shirt -made me laugh- now that's some spirit!

alice said...

^.^ little funky !

Vivian M said...

Cute! I love school recitals, they are so much fun!