Friday, May 8, 2009

Standing up for herself

Anyone else's kids have a million field trips in May?!? I think Elise has a field trip a week until the end of school! Needless to say, I can't volunteer for every one. My mom agreed to go with Elise's class to the zoo yesterday. They had great weather and Elise was THRILLED to have her Grandma along.

Elise's teacher called me at home earlier this week to talk about some concerns. This is actually the 2nd time in a month that she's taken time out of her evening to call us at home. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this teacher?

Elise is doing so well in school this year, socially and academically. She was overwhelmed last year and did OK but has really come out of her shell much more so this year. I love seeing pictures like the one above with her friends.

One of the things her teacher wanted to talk about was a situation with a fellow classmate where Elise has been "picked" on. A little boy has been making negative comments about China around Elise and her friend V (who is half Chinese). The teacher wanted to let me know how the school was handling it.

It makes me sad that she's having to deal with these types of comments in school. She had a situation where she was picked on for being Chinese 2 years ago on her soccer team. The little boys involved go to her school, but it's another little boy who has made the most recent comments. You know when kids make these types of comments that they have heard it from adults.

While it makes me sad that my daughter has to put up with these types of ignorant comments, I'm glad she's becoming more self confident. Her friend V is VERY self confident and I'm glad that Elise has a buddy in these situations. I'm so proud of how Elise is handling the situation. She's standing up for herself (with V's help) and just staying away from this little boy.

But, when are we going to see a world when people are judged by their character and not their skin color or cultural background?


The Morris Family said...

What a great photo of Elise and her school pals! And how terrific that Grandma could volunteer to go along! That's a memory-maker ;)
So glad that she has had such a successful year at school- yay Elise!
The situation you describe, I am afraid it is part of our world. Whatever the difference may be, it would seem that while the human race loves to pat itself on the back for embracing "diversity"- people also cannot seem to help themselves from pointing out anything that is different from whatever their reality is. Parents could make a HUGE difference if they impart on their children to judge by the content of a person's character-rather than the superficial- like you said.
Have a Happy Mothers Day Weekend.

Sandra said...

That is a cute picture of Elise and her friends. It sounds like your teacher is awesome.

Tammie said...

Elise is so lucky to have grandparents close enough to be involved in her life. Her grandmother must be a special person to volunteer to go on a field trip with her class.

Unfortunately, the world we live in only likes to think that it is an accepting place. The truth is that there are too many people out there who just "don't get it." I'm happy to know that with the help of V, Elise is learning to deal with this situation.

Vivian M said...

You are so right that the kids learn to discriminate from adults. It is sad that in this day and age it is still an issue. Good for Elise and V for sticking up for themselves! And I am glad the teacher is calling to tell you - I think it is better to know what is going on because ignorance is not bliss when it comes to our kids and their needs.