Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photo dump from the past week

Another packed week. Here are a few highlights...

Elise's drama performace:

We'd been listening to a CD of music since January of 30-40 second snippets from music from the 70's, 80's and 90's. We had no idea how that soundtrack was going to evolve into a drama performance, but it did and the kids did a great job. Elise's big part was being the "sign holder" for the 90's.

Carson surprised her with flowers after the performance and she was THRILLED.

Visit with Cousin Tyler:
Even though Tyler just turned 13 this week, he's still willing to spend lots of time playing with Elise.

Carson's Cub Scout graduation was held at a park in town on a bee-you-ti-ful day and the kids had a blast playing.
And every time I turned around, another little boy from school would be yelling for Elise's attention. She was in her glory (and I'm already worried about the amount of attention she got from the boys!!)
Visit with dear friends:
One of my bestest friends from college spent the night with her family. This is her son, who is about to go into high school! Oh my goodness, I remember when he was born and there is no way possible enough years have gone by for him to now be going into high school!!! Age aside, he's a great kid!
Elise discovered two new friends in her daughter's. Her girls are 7 and 8 and they quickly became good friends!

Field Days at Elise's School:
Elise's school has a yearly field days for the kids. It's a fun day that the kids look forward to all year long. This year it was on one of the first really hot days in our area and the kids were melting by the time I dropped by in the afternoon. I caught her class in a game of tug-o-war.

The PTO surprised the kids with these cool bags full of lots of goodies! (Hmmm...I'm wondering how I might "borrow" this for myself!)

And try as I might, my daughter would NOT let me get a picture of her eating her ice cream.
I was too pooped to care about taking pictures at the pool party we hosted for Carson's soccer team and the family birthday to celebrate Elise and Tyler's birthday. Sigh...

And the countdown is in serious summer mode around here. Hubs has 3 days of school left and the kids have 6 days. The days are getting longer, the weather nicer, the calendar full of fun outdoor activities...I'd say we're ready for summer!


The Morris Family said...

You managed to get some great photos through some very busy times- (something I struggle with- though I bring the camera- it usually gets forgotten.) Bravo Elise on a great performance- bet some of those songs brought back a few memories ;)
Hurray for the nicer weather- don't you just love these longer days?!

sandra said...

Hooray for Elise for her great performance!

That looks like an awesome playground in those pictures.

Jazzie's field day is Friday; a sure sign of summer break!!! Five more days for us!

Super Mommy said...

Oh my - you all have been busy! I love Elise's smile in the performance picture!

And the shy ice cream photog is too cute, why didn't she want you to take her picture???

My girls have 1.5 days left - yay -they are beyond excited!

Vivian M said...

What a week! Hope you have a wonderful summer!

Tammie said...

You had all this going on in one week!? And you survived! My hero. ;-) I would have passed out mid-week.

Love the pics!