Friday, May 15, 2009

Random pics from the week...

Did someone wind up the clock of life lately?!? I have no idea where the past week went, other than I know it flew by in what seems like seconds.

A belated HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms out there. We had a great day and Carson presented me with this lovely cupcake (among other gifts but this one "took the cake" so to speak!)

Elise wanted to open her presents before everyone left for the day, so we opened birthday gifts at 6:00 AM. Fun, fun, fun!

She has wanted a new bike for some time and got her wish. I don't think the training wheels are going to last long.

Carson picked out the perfect Littlest Pet Shop play set and Elise was thrilled!

When I look at her, I'm just amazed at how grown up she is looking these days. She had a great birthday. Her class had a field trip to the Library and a favorite ice cream place in town. I took the day off to join the class. It was fun to catch up with some of the other moms. Elise has such great friends in her class this year and it's been fun getting to know the families of those good friends. She also got to bring in treats for her birthday. Her poor teacher, the kids were pretty sugared up after the ice cream and they then had birthday cake waiting for them in the classroom! (I didn't stick around for that part!)
She asked to go to Red Robin for her birthday dinner. She LOVES Red Robin but got a little freaked out when they came out singing Happy Birthday to her. :)
Better go clean the house since we're having a birthday party here tomorrow!


Vivian M said...

Have a fun party and Happy belated Mother's Day! Love Carson's cupcake!

Super Mommy said...

Carson is sooo talented ;0) - what a thoughtful boy - his note is cute.

Love, love Elise's bike - she looks like a Pro already! Sounds like she had a fun, fun, fun birthday!

Good luck with the celebration tomorrow!

The Morris Family said...

Looks like you all have enjoyed a great week-so much to celebrate and be thankful for! Have a wonderful weekend!

Tammie said...

You definitely had a busy week. I think Carson's Mother's Day cupcake & message were totally sweet. I must say that he has really grown this past year. He doesn't look like a little boy anymore. Of course I still remember how young & sweet he was while we were waiting.

Elise really made out for her birthday. What a lucky little girl to get such a cool bike!