Sunday, June 21, 2009


Remember, way back in January when I filled out the paperwork to send Carson to Deerfoot Camp this summer? Seemed like such a great idea at the time. Two full weeks at a deep woods wilderness camp in the heart of the Adirondeck Mountains in NY. Three cousins going with him. How could that possibly NOT be a good thing?

It's not a good thing when Mom realizes her son has been handed off to strangers almost 1000 miles from home and will have no contact with him for 2 weeks. Unless he writes (hand writes!) an actual letter home. Which he'll be required to do next weekend. Sniff. Not seeming like such a grand idea now. Sniff, Sniff!

We did finally get him all packed. I shudder when I think about what it all might look like (or how it will all smell) when we pick him up.

There was some concern that it might not all fit in the van. Perry drove my sister's 3 boys out as well. My Dad also went along to get in some fly fishing in the Adirondeck mountain rivers.

Here's the gang ready for the long drive ahead of them. Did I mention electronics are not allowed at this camp? Seriously. The cabins don't even have electricity. So, the boys got their fill on the drive out. They watched non-stop movies and played their portable electronic games. Perry reports that the ride out was pretty darn peaceful.

And they are off (well, were off last week...I'm a little late in posting this).
I sure hope my son writes home soon. This has been a little harder on me than I expected! :)


Super Mommy said...

Wow - I bet they have a blast . . . it'll probably take them a day to get over not having electronics and such. Wonder how many letters he'll write you? LOL

Tammie said...

Sleep away camp totally rocks! Carson is going to have a blast especially since his cousins will be with him.

OTOH, you will probably be a wreck till your little guy comes home.

The Morris Family said...

Love the photos- Some terrific memories are being made at camp, no doubt- how great that the cousins get to go together!
Look forward to the duffel content status report upon their return...;)

Vivian M said...

Why is it always harder on us than them? Sheesh!