Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pictures from NY!!!

Part of the boy crew returned home today and I was able to snatch up their cameras and download some pictures. Sadly, my dad (who took TONS of pictures) had a bad memory card and the majority of pictures were lost. He was bummed.

Here's the camping crew on the famous pig stone which announces the entrance to Deerfoot. Wonder how many cans of grey paint have covered it over the years!

My brother is the original Deerfoot camper in our family. His wife's family has a summer house near the camp and they are vacationing up there the entire time our boys are at camp. It is reassuring to know that if something terrible happens, Aunt Merry is close by and can offer some motherly comfort (Eric would just tell them to suck it up, I'm banking on Merry for the caring role!). Eric has already calculated the years his boys can start camping at Deerfoot.

And this was the big draw for my dad and Perry. Fly fishing in the Adirondecks. This made the 1000 mile drive with 4 boys worth it.
After dropping the boys off at camp, they stayed a few extra days in the area and fished to their hearts' content. My dad was in Heaven. Dad grew up in upstate NY and knows this area like the back of his hand.
This is how they celebrated Father's Day, knee deep in water with a fishing rod. And they loved it. No schedule, no one reminding them of a "to-do" list, just fishing. All day.

And in this beautiful setting. It was perfect NY weather. While our heat index hovered around 100, they enjoyed temps in the 70's. I miss that type of summer day.

And fish, well, let's assume there were pictures on the disk that was damaged because I never actually saw a picture of a fish (but I was assured plenty were caught). Perry did "catch" this branch. Yum, tasty!

I'd say it was the perfect Father's Day. And, I'm glad they made it home safely. We missed them!

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What beautiful pictures!