Monday, June 1, 2009

Girl Scout!

Elise's Daisy Troop had their bridging ceremony tonight. My baby has crossed the bridge to Girl Scouts!

They did it in a local park with a great (real!) bridge!

Elise was pretty excited when her turn came to cross.

She's officially a Girl Scout now! (And, yes, I'll try and buy a size that fits her next time!)

And that was it for the pictures. I do believe I heard "Quick, hide before my mom takes our picture" come from her mouth right as I walked up to the girlies!

And Carson? He wasn't so thrilled to be at a gathering of 1st grade girls so he quickly found a creek full of rocks that needed to be moved all around.

He did agree yesterday at noon to get his hair cut. Unfortunately, the place he likes to go is closed on Sunday and we didn't have time to get in a haircut before the ceremony tonight. I've learned to strike while the iron is hot. Hopefully he'll still be in the mood to get it cut tomorrow. I'm not sure I can stand many more days of this sweaty mop on his head!

And could someone tell me WHO replaced my 10 year old son with this old looking kid?!?


The Morris Family said...

Hurray for Elise! What a neat place for the ceremony- love the photo of the girls getting ready to "cross the bridge". Carson is growing!- (funny, isn't it, that everyone around us, including our children seem to be growing older?!)

Vivian M said...

Congrats Elise! Can't wait to see the new Hair cut Carson!