Thursday, June 18, 2009


We've been wanting to put a basketball hoop for a while but just never got around to it. Well, we FINALLY did and the kids love it. I think it will provide many hours of entertainment for the entire family.

Dad showing off some moves.

Having a tall daddy can be a real advantage! (Yikes...her pants are too big and falling down!)

Carson wanted a turn as well. Phew, dad was winded after trying this!

Carson is going to have the height for basketball and hopefully he has his dad's athletic ability and not his mom's!

Elise loves basketball as well, althought I'm sure playing in blue sparkly high heeled flip flops probably wasn't the smartest choice.

And how many dads can talk on their phone while making a shot with his daughter's pink ball?!?

And the real impetus behind the basketball hoop was the kids discovery of their dad's NCAA championship ring from his college days. His college team won the division 3 championship back in 1987. He doesn't even wear a wedding ring so this ring sits hidden away never seen. The kids were pretty impressed and have new reason to hone their basketball skills.


Super Mommy said...

Just in time for summer! I'm sure you all are going to enjoy it . . . you are going to partake aren't you?? ;0)

Elise may not have chosen the right shoes to play - but she sure looks cute (very coordinated!!).

And WoW-za on the ring . . . who knew you married such a talented man? NCAA player and Phone player too!!

The Morris Family said...

... some pretty serious and (well-coordinated/accessorized) games of "horse" are going to be had! what a cool basketball goal- and it will provide a lot of fun- we had one growing up in Indiana (it was prerequisite) - though ours was much less sophisticated (wood-backed and attached to a light pole)- there were loads of good times which centered around it- Have fun!

PS How mneat for your kids to discover about their dad's ncaa championship experience - very special!

Tammie said...

LOVE the pink basketball! I didn't know that they made them. Now I'm wondering where I can get a pink football for Erin. This child who has never seen a football game on tv likes the game. Or so she says.

Vivian M said...

Love the hoop, and think that it will get lots of use this summer!