Monday, June 2, 2008

Last day of school, but such sad news

Today is the kids' last day of school. Elise's kindergarten graduation is this afternoon. I'll post pictures of the kids later today. I love looking at the difference between the first day and last day of school pictures.

When I dropped Elise off this morning, I learned that another kindergartner had died over the weekend. I don't know any details, other than he simply didn't wake up one morning. I just cannot imagine the pain the family is experiencing. Instead of attending their son's kindergarten graduation, they are planning his funeral.

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

Selfishly, I'm grateful that he was not in Elise's class, but was in the class next door and the classes often did things together.


Tammie said...

Oh my. My heart is just ripping for that poor family. There are no words. . .

Super Mommy said...

How sad . . . my prayers are with that family.