Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend recap

  • Our a/c went kaput this weekend...right as the temps soared into the 90's for the first time. Lovely! And, it's not a simple fix, it requires a whole new unit. Even lovelier!

  • We had my parents over to celebrate Father's Day this weekend. It wasn't until AFTER I'd invited them that I realized Father's Day is, indeed, next weekend.

  • Several folks implied I was giving a thumbs up to Kung Fu Panda, which I did, but let me remind you that I have an older son so...say compared to Star Wars, I didn't find the movie too violent. Yes, there are a few dark scenes (not bloody, though). If you haven't been Star Wars (or other boy type movie) indoctrinated, you may find it violent. Sorry, didn't want to mislead anyone! On the flip side, it was very respectful of Chinese culture and Elise and I did love it.

  • How many days until school starts again? I'm tired of hearing "I'm bored" and not just from my own children. But, I sure will miss all the extra kids hanging out at my house! (seriously, they are all good kids....and I'm not just saying that because my neighbor has my blog address!)

  • Could someone invent a machine that would clean out your child's closet of all clothes that are a size or two too small so you aren't lulled into thinking sweet Johny has enough shorts? Oh wait, that machine has been invented, it's called MOM. (NOTE TO SELF: next time, check the laundry before rushing out to buy new shorts because said child is left with only a few pairs of shorts left after a closet cleaning session!)

  • I love my new flex schedule and 3 day weekends.

  • Anyone else seeing TONS of ticks this year? Found 2 live ones climbing up my shirt while I was working in the kitchen, the other found in our sheets right before going to bed (yes, I itched ALL.NIGHT.LONG!)

  • Why do people see Elise and call her ELSIE?!? Two people IN A ROW did it this weekend. I probably wasn't as nice to the 2nd person. (Sorry!)

  • Why do 9 year boys stink worse than anything else? And resist bathing? Peeee-eeewww!

  • Our vacation is coming up and I've done NOTHING (nada, zilch) except order airline tickets. Need to book a hotel room or 2 (or 3), rent a car, make some plans, finalize pet setting, start packing, stock up on things to entertain the kids, etc. I'm usually much more on top of things than this...and strangely, it's not bothering me or keeping me up at night. Although, I did shock someone at work when they learned I'd done NOTHING. So unlike me.


Sandra said...

My biggest fear is losing A/C in hot and humid weather. I feel for you!!!!

Tammie said...

Okay! Third time is the charm. Right? I've been having trouble posting comments. :-(

Our a/c went right smack dab in the middle of summer about 2 years ago. And, yes, I did cry. It was awful.

I'm hoping to be able to take Erin to see Kung Fu Panda when we get home from our vacation. She is super excited about it. I'm just thrilled that she finally wants to do or see anything having to do with China.

You have a problem with not enough clothing in the right size? I do too. My problem is that I buy everything in the size that I think Erin wears. When she finally tries it on, it falls off of her. It's going to be darn hard finding uniform bottoms in a size 3T when everyone else is wearing a 6!

Beverly said...

Eyes transpose the letters sorry I have probably done it.