Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How annoying....

OK, let me first remind you of my obsession with ordering things online.

I ordered these bumper boats thinking they'd be fun for the pool this summer. They came with a 90 day warranty so I figured we'd be good. They were fairly well rated when I searched the internet. Didn't just order one, but TWO. At a cost of $174! (I'm even ashamed to type that!)

The bumper boats come and they look pretty sturdy. We get them blown up, insert the required batteries and the kids are ready to roll.

Oh, wait, the squirt gun doesn't work in either of them. Well at least you can motor (very slowly, but that's OK by me) around the pool.

The dang thing BROKE...the 2nd time they were used. I'm so irritated. Please, if you are going to sell me a piece of s^%$, then just admit it up front so I don't have disappointed kids in the long run.

Anyone else have any other grand ideas for keeping bored kids occupied this summer?
I'm going to lay off ordering fun summer toys online for awhile.


Super Mommy said...

Aww, sorry you got taken for a ride (or not) . . . have you contacted the company? Maybe threaten to take them to small claims court? Such a bummer.

I have my kiddos in summer camp at the church - keeps them occupied. Last year I had a sitter at the house and the girlies were sooo bored - I didn't want to go that route again.

Tammie said...

My favorite is when someone gifts you with a piece of shit. And knows they're doing it. ARGH!