Friday, June 20, 2008

That's so unfair!

Elise is a bit cranky with me today.


She wanted to wear her favorite dress but I warned her that whatever she wore today wasn't going on vacation with us.

So, the dilemna began for the day...what's a girl to wear?

She picked out all of these dresses to wear on vacation and she was "stuck" today wearing one of her not so favorite dresses or...worse yet...shorts.

(Shhhh....don't tell her, but I am bringing a few pairs of shorts for vacation!)

I have no idea where this obsession with dresses come from...she certainly doesn't see me wearing them! :)


Tammie said...

Whereas I have to bribe Erin to wear a dress!

EllieNat said...

My daughters prefer dresses also. Especially the ones that *twirl*! And they didn't get it from me either!

Have a great vacation!