Tuesday, February 12, 2008


  • I HATE.HATE.HATE shopping at malls. Drives me nuts. Might have something to do with being 5'10" and never happy with my weight. I never find anything I like and it just turns into an exercise of frustration. I tend to order most of my work wardrobe online.

  • I get annoyed easily (which is probably why I don't do well in malls).

  • Surprisingly, I love the home shopping networks (HSN and QVC). I've found some awesome things, including some scrapbooking items.

  • I'm also probably bit OCD and I HATE the mish mash collection of hangers in our closet (wire, plastic, wooden, fabric, freebies, yuck!)

  • So...another package arrived from hsn today (I SWEAR I don't order all that often!). But, I ordered some of the huggable hangers. Have you used these? I ordered some a few years back (again...I SWEAR I don't order all that often!) and decided it was time to replace some of the worst ones and get the closet a bit more organized.

  • Joy Mangano drives me batty (she's the one who hawks the huggable hangers) so I'm really surprised I tried them in the first place.

  • My closet is now looking purdy and much more organized! :)

  • hmmm...wonder what the Today's Special Value is today...

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Tammie said...

Ah yes. Confessions of the woman who needs HSN Anonymous. I see it now. BTW, Joy Mangano is one annoying woman.