Saturday, February 16, 2008


We were hoping our nephew Tyler would be coming to our house this weekend, but he's sick. Tyler NEVER gets sick and this has knocked him on his arse. Tyler is a pretty energetic kid (that's probably putting it mildly) so it's a shocker that he's so lethargic.
While all of our nieces and nephews are special to us, here are some extra special things about Tyler:
  • Tyler was the first nephew/niece (ok, no nieces yet...Merry, could you work on that?) on my side of the family.
  • My sister was pregnant with him when we moved down this way. I didn't work the first few months and spent lots of time with her during the last part of her pregnancy and first few months of Tyler's life.
  • I had never held a baby so young in my life when I first held Tyler at 10 minutes old!
  • We were in the infertility stage of our life. I didn't know if we'd ever have kids and I made the decision to enjoy the heck out of Tyler.
  • When I was pregnant with Carson, Tyler exposed me to every childhood illness that a pregnant woman shouldn't be exposed to :) My doctor got used to calls that started "I was with my nephew this weekend and he's since been diagnosed with..." Thanks for those extra shots and tests, kiddo!
  • Tyler was one of my first visitors in the hospital after I had Carson. I remember him climbing up on the bed with me to get a good look at his cousin.
  • He was so excited to meet Elise and I remember how excited he was at the airport. He couldn't wait to get to know her, while his younger brother wasn't too sure about this little girl who had knocked him off his pedestal of being the family baby!
  • Tyler has done every type of nasty in each of my vehicles.

We love you, buddy, and hope you are feeling better soon. We missed having you visit us this weekend.

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Tammie said...

Here's hoping that your very special nephew is feeling better soon!