Monday, February 18, 2008

Wild times at our house

The kids are just ending a 4 day weekend. I was able to work at home on Friday and Perry was home today (one of the big advantages of being a teacher is that you often have the same days off as your own kids!). So, the kids were able to stay at home all 4 days instead of going to the day camp at our local Y. You would think the day camp would be a fun option...the kids get the run of our brand new Y, including the climbing wall, gymnastics room (humongous!) and rollar skating, along with all kinds of crafts, a movie, snacks, etc. For some reason, they both really objected going this time, so I'm glad it worked out for them to stay at home.

Carson tends to have friends over more frequently (perhaps because they can just show up...Elise's friends aren't so nearby!) We had a houseful of kids (mostly rowdy, stinky 9 year boys) at various times.

Elise's favorite activities on no school days are to build forts out of every sofa cushion in the house.

So, here's a taste of life at our house this weekend:

(I think the boys were the ones playing with the Barbie dolls!)

And this is the scene I walked into this afternoon. This is set up in our kitchen. Elise had set up a fort/school/diner for her stuffed animals (yes, pandas and turtles are big stuffed animals at our house). She brought her princess makeup stand, jewerly box and favorite picture of herself in a Chinese outfit down from her room. Instead of cushions, she managed to find every bench in the house.

Back to school tomorrow, kids! :)


Tammie said...

How adorable that Elise sets up her play area in the kitchen. Erin does the same thing. I love that the kitchen is the center of the family.

I don't know if Carson is going to be happy that you let us know about he & his friends playing Elise's Barbie dolls.

Sandra said...

Funny that Tammie mentioned that Erin does the same thing, because Jazzie does as well!!!!