Friday, February 15, 2008

The missing lunch box

The kids have a 4 day weekend (off on Monday for President's Day, no idea why they have today off as well!)

Last night, we were emptying backpacks. I asked Carson to get out his lunch's the conversation:

Him: Oh

Me: Where is your lunch box?

Him: I must have left it at school.

Me: Did you leave it in your locker?

Him: No, outside.

Me: Outside your classroom? (seemed like a goofy spot to leave a lunchbox to me!)

Him: No.

Me: Outside the lunchroom? (again, a goofy spot)

Him: No.

Me: Outside where?!?

Him: Outside!

Me: Like "outside" the school?

Him: Yes, on the back playground.

My thought (not actually said out loud!): YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! You left your lunchbox OUTSIDE the school going into a 4 day weekend?!? Arrggghhh.

Turns out they went outside for lunch recess for the first time in weeks (it was beautiful outside) and, not being used to that routine, forgot all about the lunchbox.

He assures me kids leave them outside all the time and they bring them in to the lost and found. If my son holds true to form, he's left half of his lunch in the lunchbox so won't that a fun thing to sit around in a lost and found bin only to open some time next week....yucko! I can't complain too much since he's been using the same lunchbox since kindergarten (he's in 3rd grade) and I often use his lunchbox when he doesn't bring one. Guess we've gotten our money's worth out of that one.

I'll be heading over to Lands End to order another lunchbox now....

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Tammie said...

I think you may want to pick up a backup lunchbox too. After all, do you really want to open the lunchbox Carson left at school!?