Thursday, February 28, 2008


…is how my family would describe me of late. So, to help me overcome my crabbiness, here is a list of things for which I am thankful.
  • I’m thankful I have a job that stimulates me mentally and professionally, although there are days I’d prefer a bit less stimulation (and maybe a bit less conflict?). :)

  • As I stare at the my month end bills to be written, I’m thankful that my husband and I both have jobs that provide a decent income and we don’t have to make tough decisions that many families face.

  • As I b*tch and moan about my husband’s crazy schedule, I’m thankful that he has a job he enjoys. I’ve heard far too many stories and met far too many people that spend their days doing something they don’t enjoy just for a paycheck. I’m extremely thankful for the summers that he is able to stay at home and enjoy some quality time with the kids (how many kids get their dads home all summer these days?!?).

  • Since no one helps consistently with the housework around here and I hate having a dirty house, I’m thankful we’ve hired a cleaning lady!!!!

  • I’m thankful I have several pieces of exercise equipment in the house to burn off some of my frustrations when I’m so crabby. Maybe if I burned off a bit more frustration, my pants would fit a bit better…

  • Despite the d@mn ISAT tests (Illinois’s answer to No Child Left Behind), I’m thankful my kids are in a good school system and are actively engaging their brains on a regular basis. Maybe after next week, they can get on with the business of learning and forgot about “teaching to the tests.”

  • I’m thankful my son has the spunk and determination to drive me nuts most evenings. I’d rather he focus it in other directions at times…

  • I’m thankful my daughter fell asleep tonight at 6:45…perhaps she’ll wake up in a better mood tomorrow. :o

  • I’m thankful we only have 362 days left of Bush in office (couldn’t resist putting that in there…that’s for my brother and brother-in-law who might be moving to Canada in 363 days!)

  • I’m thankful I have a family that can have good humored political debates, even though most of the rest of my family is wacko in their political beliefs (see above!) :)
And most importantly, I’m thankful for this family that puts up with my crabbiness….I LOVE YOU GUYS!

My hubby (who is actually home tonight and honestly asked if his hair looked OK before I took the picture!)

My high-spirited son.

My sleeping beauty.

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Tammie said...

Crabby? Nah! It sounds like a normal life to me.

BTW, in FL we have the FCATS. Many teachers will frequently tell their students that they must pass the FCAT in order to advance to the next grade. Talk about teaching to the test. I can't wait to get you know who out so we can get back to the job of teaching our children. (Uh oh. I think I'll stop ranting now.)