Sunday, February 3, 2008

Same little girls?!?

I've been a little too glued to the computer today!

As I mentioned before, we thought we lost many pictures when our computer crashed earlier this year. Those pictures included all of the pictures from China. My wonderful hubby, however, found copies on another computer so I've been having lots of fun going through the old pictures.

Elise is on the left and Erin is on the right. Go here to see current pictures of Erin! How these little girls have grown! I got to know Tammie (Erin's mom) during the waiting period (we had an AWESOME dtc group!). We were fortunate enough to meet Tammie, David and Erin in China! What wonderful people and wonderful memories!


Tammie said...

That picture brought tears to my eyes. The girls were so adorable - just getting to know us & waiting to be loved as they never had before. I still have that picture too.

And, yes. The February Waiting Hearts was an awesome group. We're still amazingly close with Susan Fremer & her family. In fact, we visit each other 3 or 4 times a year.

Jen said...

Gretchen, we love the blog! Great way to stay updated on the kid's! :)

I will be starting a blog soon and will update frequently while in Europe so everyone can see how it's going over there! I'll be sure to let you know though!