Saturday, February 16, 2008

Insufficient Funds Notice

A few weeks back, we received a notice of insufficient funds from our bank. I was shocked, we've NEVER bounced a check in our 16 years together! There is ALWAYS a cushion in our checking account.

When I examined the notice, I realized there was a HUGE mistake.

The bank was trying to make a $24, 320,277 payment! It took my brain a bit to realized that number was $24 MILLION.

I started to worry that someone had access to our account, but after talking with a great bank rep, we came to the conclusion that instead of making a $50 payment to account number 243200277, I'd make a $24,320,277 payment to account number 50. Ooopss! (It did make for a great laugh and I assured the bank they'd be waiting a loooong time for that payment to clear, likely NEVER!)


NOTE TO more attention when setting up new accounts in the online banking!!!!


Sandra said...

A blond moment or a senior moment???

Tammie said...

As a banker, I can tell you that I see people make more mistakes with their online stuff than anything. It makes for a good laugh.