Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weekly To-Do list

I seem to thrive on having a full plate. I love being busy and always having several projects in process at work. I ALWAYS have tons of things on my (and Perry's) to-do list at home.

I also tend to over estimate how much I will get done in a week so I always feel behind (need to work on those expectations).

Here's my current weekly list. I know I won't get to them all as I have a work committment Wed evening and have to drive to Springfield, IL on Thursday for an all day meeting (which I predict will be one of the most boring meetings I attend this year).

This is the "crap cabinet" (probably not the technical builder name, but serves the purpose). This is part of a desk alcove in our kitchen. The top cabinets are one project, which will followed by the bottom shelves. HONEY...THE BIGGEST, MESSIEST DRAWER IS ALL YOURS TO TACKLE! :) I don't know if you can really see it, but there are tons of candy packages up there. Leftovers from holidays as far back as Halloween. We certainly don't need it, so it's likely going to work...hey, I work with college students, it'll be a 4 course meal for them. :)

This is part of a 3rd grade homework assignment. Yes, I've turned into one of THOSE mothers...the ones who "help" their child a bit too much! Seriously, he has to read a chapter book and give an oral book report using items to illustrate the book. Carson is reading King Arthur so I'm making him a King Arthur costume (which I'm hoping will work for Halloween this year!) He is still reading the book, writing the report and coming up with another illustration so I'm not really THAT bad, am I?!? (And I needed a good excuse to use the new sewing machine I got for Christmas.) As this is due next Tuesday, it's really taking priority over the other projects.

A good friend introduced me to beading. I wanted to replicate a necklace I bought on vacation last summer and knew she was into jewelry making. She was in the process of moving and I did her a "favor" by storing all of her beading supplies at my house for a few weeks...with the freedom to use whatever supplies and tools she had. That's all it took for me to get reeled in...hook, line and sinker. This package of goodies arrived tonight. Some garnet, some jade, some tourquoise. Don't worry, I'm not using them ALL TOGETHER (that would be some serious ugly!).

These pants of my husband's need HEMMED! At 6 foot 8 inches, we don't often HEM his pants. I ordered a new brand and clearly was a bit overzealous with the sizing! So, I'll hem them up about an inch. (Baggy pants hanging past the shoes is not an attractive look for someone so large.)

And, finally, the same friend who got me into beading gave us this scrapbook for Christmas. I used do a lot of scrapbooking, but haven't done any since I finished Elise's travel album in 2003. Shortly after I finished that album, we had to deal with a difficult family situtation and much of my time/focus was elsewhere during that period and my scrapbooking projects were put on a permanent back burner. Elise LOVES her travel album and is so excited to work on this Princess album with me. I've ordered 250 pictures from Snapfish. THANK YOU TAMMIE for introducing me to that service! We lost most of our old pictures when our computer crashed but I since I had uploaded many of the better shots, I just ordered new prints for this album. We have all types of Princess type embellishments and papers. We're doing a "Princess Elise" theme and will run from the time she joined our family to the present. Should be lots of fun reliving those memories!

Those are my projects for the week (OK, let's be honest...the next few weeks!). What's on everyone else's To-Do list?


Sandra said...

You are going to be one busy lady!!!

Tammie said...

Boy I'm jealous. Your To Do list is much easier than mine. I went away for 4 days & came home to what looks like a bomb explosion in my house! And I'm having company tomorrow night!

I got into scrapbooking about a year & a half ago. It's become a major passion for me. I've got everything to do Erin's adoption book but am scared to do it. David made me promise to start it this year.