Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who thinks this is a good pet?!?

My son loves turtles. That's no surprise to those of you who know him. One thing we love about where we live is that he often finds turtles in our yard. We have 2 acres and that includes a wooded area and a stream. He's found all types of turtles in our yard.

INCLUDING....alligator snapping turtles. These things look like dinosaurs and grow into these massive nasty looking creatures. He regularly finds baby alligator snapping turtles. What bothers me is that with all these babies we find, there has to be a larger momma/daddy alligator snapping turtle around closeby.

Things thawed out yesterday and he went turtle hunting in the creek. Guess what he found?!? Another baby alligator snapping turtle. Guess where it is now?!? In his room! Who in the heck thinks this might a good PET? His father. Siggghhhh. OK, dad did say since it was going to freeze again today, he'd likely freeze to death if left outside.
How long until it gets warmer again and this little guy can go back outside?!?
(The reason for the blog title is the number of critters that live in our house...mostly in my son's room...2 russian tortoises, 3 red belly frogs, 1 newt, 2 goldfish and 1 albino something or other frog.)


Tammie said...

Um. I think I'd let him send those particular critters on their way. I don't do snapping anything.

Sandra said...

That's why I like having girly girls :-)