Saturday, February 2, 2008

Get to know Elise!!!

As we break out into blog-land, I'll introduce the members of our family. We'll start with Elise...simply because she's sitting next to me at the moment and big brother is still sacked out in bed.

Elise was born in China and adopted in 2003. She is very proud of her Chinese heritage.

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite animal: panda and pig

Favorite activity: color, do crafts, built forts, play games (esp Trouble!)

Current Grade: Kindergarten

Favorite thing about school: reading center

Some other facts about Elise:

  • It takes her a long time to warm up to new situations

  • She is a silly, giggly little girl!

  • She loves to play with her big brother

  • She loves to dress up in girly clothes

We love our Elise!!!!


Tammie said...

Oh my gosh! Elise is just beautiful. I look at her eyes & can still see that beautiful baby on the bed at the White Swan.

Funny how pink is her favorite color. Erin's is pink also.

Sandra said...

My, how our girls have grown!!! Elise reminds me a bit of Jazzie; must be the glasses. Welcome to blog world!!!!!!