Saturday, February 2, 2008

The doggies!

In addition to all the critter's living in Carson's room, we also have 2 furry kids:

Molly is our 3 yeard old beagle. We're definately more BIG DOG folks, but Elise wanted a little dog when we were looking 2 years ago. And, a friend who works at a shelter told us about Molly. She's not always the smartest dog (she'll spend hours chasing wasps during the summer!) but she's a sweetie.

Sneakers is our 12 year old black lab. Sneaks holds a special place in our hearts. She came to live with us at 6 weeks old on the day we moved from Chicago (I was a stay at home mommy to her for the first few months down here!). She was my baby before kids and is such a gentle loving dog. She has some health issues these days and is slowing down.

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Tammie said...

OH! They are so adorable!