Monday, February 25, 2008

King Arthur!

Carson's first oral book report is due tomorrow. His book is King Arthur. After a painful process of getting the report written, the diarama completed and the outfit sewn, he is ready to go. (It looks smashing being modeled over pj's, doesn't it!) It's going to be a miracle if we can survive 3rd grade. He has a great teacher, but the work really ramps up this year. I'm so ready for summer to be here and we get a break from the nightly homework struggles! ISAT tests start next week so I'm hoping the pressure will go down a bit once those high stakes tests are out of the way. Everything this year has been geared towards the ISATs.
Elise has decided to enter the Learning Fair (like a science fair, but not limited to science topics) at her school. Carson did it every year that he was at that school (K-2 are in one building, 3-5 in another building so he's at a new school this year.) She's decided that her topic will be panda bears. It'll be really interesting to see how she approaches the project. My guess is she'll stay right on task and really enjoy doing the unlike her brother! :)

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Tammie said...

It looks like that was a fun project. I used to hate doing things like that in school. Reports didn't bother me, but I had absolutely no idea on how to be creative.