Thursday, February 21, 2008

Let's review our terminology

THIS is what a snow day should look like. This is my aunt and uncle's house in Maine (check out the mailbox!)

THIS is what our snow days look like:

This is pathetic. There's nothing fun about this type of "snow day" around snow angels, no snow ball fights, no snow fort building. Nothing but yucky cold and ICE.

Car encasing, muscle straining, finger freezing, feet-a-slippin' ICE.

So, let's call it what it is...AN ICE DAY. The kids can get all excited about a day off of school, but let's not confuse the fun-filled SNOW days with what is actually an ICE day!!! :)


Sandra said...

LOL, sorry about that. I'll gladly send some your way :-)

Tammie said...

Gee. It really doesn't look like much of a snow day. Of course, an ice day is just as nice to have.