Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend update

Friday - Home with a sick kid, and a bit sick myself. Not a very fun day. :(

Carson did feel well enough to help make mooncakes using Sandra's recipe.

Saturday - Our Chinese New Year party!

We've skipped the FCC party in St. Louis the past few years to celebrate with friends at our house. We invite 3 Chinese students we've gotten to know from the University where I work, along with all the adoptive families we know. This year was just as fun. Lots of great food (potluck), the kids had a blast and the adults had a fun time catching up. For the first time, there were more Vietnamese kids than Chinese kids.

Perry got hung up at work and was 2 HOURS LATE...I was too busy hostessing to take any pictures other than this one of my little buddy (that's my dad is holding him). He was adopted from Vietnam last year by some good friends of ours and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after coming home. They've had a rough time, but I can't imagine a sweeter little boy. I love to just cuddle up with him.

Sunday - Elise and I had a "girls day" at home while the boys went to a Boy Scouts function.

Elise decided to work on her Princess Valentine's Day cards. I lost the list that her teacher sent home (I'm sure I pitched it when cleaning for the party!) and she was NOT happy with me.

She decided to get into the mood by wearing her Snow White outfit. My mother in law made this beautiful outfit for her 2 years ago. It is truly a work of art that has gotten lots of wear!

Marking off the names (doing the girls first, then the boys, then the teacher).

We also put together "soda bottle care packages" for the cousins in college, utlizing some of the empty soda bottles from our party! Yup...these will really go through the mail!

And...finally...I told you Molly wasn't the brightest dog. She laid on the bed the entire time I was stripping the sheets...looking at my with a look that said, "whutcha doing?" She WOULD.NOT.MOVE! After taking this picture, she got booted!

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Tammie said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! Friends, family, good times? What more could a gal want? Oh. Yea. Peace & quiet, but we'll get to that another time.